Cure Organic Farm
Contact: Anne
Address: 7416 Valmont Rd Boulder, CO, 80301
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About Us
Cure Organic Farm began growing certified organic vegetables, herbs and flowers in 2005. We lease both private farm land and City of Boulder open space farm land, cultivating about 15 acres on the corner of 75th and Valmont Rd in Boulder. All of the crops we grow are distributed within 50 miles of the farm through a CSA program, to local restaurants, farmers markets and our farm store on site. The farm is also home to several honeybee hives, a flock of hens and ducks, and heritage Berkshire and Mangalitsa pigs which are rotationally grazed.
Cure Organic Farm has been certified organic since 2006. Creating and maintaining a healthy diversified agro-ecosystem lends itself to producing great-tasting and nutrient-filled produce. We are continually rotating our crops and cover cropping when vegetable crops are not growing.