Green Tahini
Contact: Liz and Boaz
Address: 1341 Snowberry Lane Louisville, CO, 80027
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Phone: 303-710-3724
About Us
Husband and wife founders of Green Tahini LLC, Boaz and Liz came up with their homemade Green Tahini recipe back in 2006. Boaz had been diagnosed with colitis and could not consume many different types of foods. His nutritionist advised him to eat tahini with everything he ate. Being easily digestible, high in protein and loaded with rich nutrients, she explained that tahini would promote fast healing and strengthen his digestive system. As the raw tahini paste is think in consistency and not that tasty by itself, Boaz started experimenting by adding different natural ingredients to it to make a delicious, ready-made tahini. After many years of perfecting the recipe and making it for themselves, friends, and family members, they are now extremely thrilled and excited to share it with all of you! They currently have four different flavors and are working on more.

Food safety is our top priority, now and always. Given the understandable concern over the recent rise of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to share our preventative measures and food safety policy. To ensure that our product is completely safe, now and always, we make and store our tahini in an approved commissary kitchen in Boulder. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the commissary kitchen has implemented heightened sanitation and disinfection procedures throughout the establishment, according to CDC and public health guidelines. Additionally, we have implemented a strict sanitation process of our jars and lids and adhere to the guidelines provided by our Food Protection Manager Certification. The only employees preparing and handling our product are Boaz and Liz, the co-owners of Green Tahini LLC. For more information, see