Honeyacre Produce
Contact: Cindy and Russ
Address: 8052 County Road I Wiggins, CO, 80654
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Phone: 970-483-5233
About Us
We are Cindy & Russ Shoemaker and we always knew we belonged on the farm. Born 3rd generation on the farm, there wasn’t anywhere else we wanted to be. Originally we farmed the ground where Honeyacre is located, producing traditional crops such as sugar beets, wheat, corn and cucumbers, but eventually the underground water table became too scarce to feasibly produce these crops. In order to keep the land in agriculture, we needed to find a solution that would enable us to stay on the farm. That’s when the greenhouse idea was born. From our mother and father to us and our daughters, three generations have been involved in every stage of production, from planting to distributions. We are proud that 2020 marks the 35 year for Honeyacre produce.