Oatis Organic Oatmilk
Contact: Krista & Mariah
Address: 1123 Spruce Street Boulder, CO, 80302
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Phone: 303-579-8166
About Us
Love your planted earth

Enjoy Oatis - small-batch organic oat milk, chocolate oat milk, and oat cream.

We created Oatis to help save planet earth and build community – one glass of delicious organic oat milk at a time.

We embraced this challenge when we realized the popular oat milks we were drinking by the glass, giving our kids as a gluten/dairy-free option and frothing for our coffee is bathed in toxic glyphosates. And the packaging… terrible for the planet. We knew there had to be a better way.

Organic oats help nourish soil and naturally suppress weeds. They are considered a “nurse” crop helping the natural establishment of other organic perennial crops.

When you drink Oatis beverages, you not only experience true yumminess, you can help heal the planet’s soil.

We’ve spent over a year formulating delicious oat milk, chocolate oat milk and oat cream. Oatis has a rich and creamy taste and our packaging is reusable glass bottles.

We bet you can’t stop at just one sip…

Oatis gives 1% of sales to organizations helping kids at risk.

We are currently donating 1% of sales to the Boulder Community Foundation’s Covid-19 Response Fund.

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