Monroe Organic Farms LLC
Contact: Jacquie, Jerry, and Kyle and Sam
City: Kersey, CO, 80644
Email Address:
Phone: 970-284-7941
About Us
We could be the longest running organic farm in the country; we definitely are one of the oldest in Colorado! In 1936, our family started the Monroe homestead in Weld County and we have been growing organic fruits and vegetables ever since! We see ourselves as the caretakers of the land that we have come to love as a cherished family member. Our growing philosophy emphasizes taste over size and appearance. We are constantly trying new and unique varieties, including heirlooms, to find the best-tasting fruits and veggies our farm can produce. We have been involved with BCFM on many levels since its beginning. Jerry was one of the original Board members and we bring with us a sense of stability and knowledge. A large variety of tasty fruits and vegetables are grown to thrill our customers by sight and taste. We have our standbys while searching for something new to visibly stimulate our customers into shopping at the farmers market.
Certified USDA Organic practices, cover cropping, crop rotation, currently working on implementing no-till practices where possible, utilizing on farm resources (like animal manure) to increase soil fertility, compost