Haystack Mountain Creamery
Address: 505 Weaver Park Road, Unit F Longmont, CO, 80501
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Phone: 720-494-8714
About Us
Our cheesemaker Jackie Chang and her team have the patience, skill and sense of adventure to create cheeses known for their clean, fresh flavor profiles, free of “goaty” aftertaste. Even if you’ve shied away from goat cheese in the past, give Haystack’s a try. We can’t keep track of how many goat cheese converts we’ve won over with our wares. Second, all Haystack Mountain cheeses are handmade and free of additives or preservatives. We use the highest quality microbial (aka vegetarian) rennet, traditional cheesemaking techniques, and our cheeses are free of preservatives and artificial flavors. Nothing but pure delicious fat and protein. Third, goat milk is better for your body. Its fat structures are smaller, making goat cheese more digestible than cheese made with cow’s milk. This allows people with digestive challenges to enjoy a delectable bite of cheese (a pleasure no one should be denied). Goat’s milk is also a sound source of calcium, protein, potassium, thiamin, niacin, and vitamin A. Delicious and what your body needs? Yep, a true miracle food.