Brad B Jammin
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Address: 344 Fillmore St Denver, CO, 80206
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Phone: 303-513-1149
About Us
Brad has started, run, and founded a number of businesses in his career. He's a technology guy by trade and a dreamer. He loves coming up with a concept and following it through to a business. Kristen is the rock behind the Brown family. This business began when Brad harvested his concord grapes for the season and he wondered what he could do with the grapes. Why not make some jam? After Brad and his wife Kristen visited a farmers market in Slovenia, California and purchased Raspberry JalapeƱo jam, they went on a search to find more, but couldn't find any. The following year Brad added jalapeƱos to his grape harvest! Then on a trip to Saint Thomas, when they couldn't find any pepper jams, they purchased the raw materials and made an amazing jam that they put on everything they ate that week. The concept continued from there and Brad and Kristen love making jams that are unique.