Ollin Farms
Contact: Mark and Kenn
City: Longmont, CO, 80504
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About Us
Ollin is an Aztec word meaning constant motion or transformation. We chose this name for our farm because of our view of it as a living, changing organism. No two days on the farm are ever the same and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products, services, and sustainability. The Aztec civilization was a model for sustainable agriculture. Back when organic farming was the only option, the Aztecs found ways to efficiently farm difficult locations and were able to feed huge populations by developing clever distribution systems to quickly get food from the farmer to the consumer.
Ollin Farms believes in the principle of regenerative agriculture. Our goal is to produce top quality farm products while continuing to regenerate surrounding ecosystems. We view our farm as a living, connected system and do many things to ensure the health of the plants, animals, water, and soil that encompass it. Whether it is feeding our family or supplying our community, our focus at Ollin Farms has always been to produce the most nutritious flavorful produce possible. Our bio-nutrient farming model is founded on getting the right nutrients, in the right proportions into an active, living soil. This includes the small group of nutrients used to raise most of today’s food products as well as the numerous micro-nutrients that are needed by humans and animals to be “healthy”. Where modern agriculture tells us to feed the plant, the bionutirent model tells us to feed the soil. Ultimately it is the soil that will determine the health of everything that grows out of it, including the farm and the community. We realize the importance of working with nature, not against it. Understanding and promoting the natural soil food web and nutrient cycling in plants allows us to build robust farming systems healthy enough to naturally fend off disease and insect pressure.