Miller Farms
Contact: Joe&Chris Miller
Address: 13912 Cr 19 Platteville, CO, 80651
Email Address:
Phone: 970-785-6133
About Us
We are a 4th generation chemical free vegetable farm. Our philosophy is to bring quality, local, fresh veggies to consumers at a fair price. We began in 1949 and have been a part of the Boulder and Longmont Community since the beginning. We have grown and expanded to over 35 farmers markets and have seen our support grow over the years. We have seen our support in our CSA grow, as well as the success of our Fall Festival. We are a real, working family farm and strive to educate the public on where their food comes from by allowing them to come out and pick their own vegetables at the Fall Festival. This gives them a day with their family and new experiences. We are working towards the next generation to come!
Chemical free
Antibiotic free, responsibly raised beef and pork
Pastured chicken and duck eggs